Friday, 31 October 2014

Just Ebola ?

No!! This growing crisis is so much more than Ebola!

Lungi is a town in Sierra Leone with many small and remote villages surrounding it. Lungi houses Sierra Leone's International Airport, to which BMI & Astreus Airlines used to operate flights several times a week. Many crews spent a lot of time there, and throughout this time both pilots and cabin crew funded schools, food programs and educational scholarships. After the company was sold to British Airways, a few crew wanted to continue to make a difference. In 2012, Hope for Lungi was born.

As a small organisation we have (with the support of donors and sponsors) facilitated the building of the ‘Hope Assembly Church Pre & Primary School’. We have continued to support the school, church and community, providing funds for teacher training, educational scholarships, creation of clothes banks & food packages for the neediest families in the area.

We will continue with these programmes, however, with the current crisis worsening and with the schools all closed, we need to adjust our priorities.

Current impacts of the Ebola crisis

  • Rising food prices 
  • Travel restrictions 
  • Loss of income 
  • Schools closed 
  • Private hospitals closed, general medicine not available 
  • Reluctance to attend government hospitals for fear of catching Ebola 
  • Lack of sanitation
The problem as it stands is not JUST EBOLA

As a response, we are setting up an ‘Emergency Fund’. We had been buying food packages for local families and will continue to do so, but the Emergency Fund will have the main purpose of providing and distributing 3 things most needed today:

  • Rice (large bags) 
  • Buckets with hand sanitizer (hygiene kits) 
  • Anti-malarial medication 

As a small and voluntary organisation we have no overheads, and ALL donations received will go directly to the people of Lungi. All donations earmarked 'Emergency Fund' received during this crisis will be administered by our team from Hope Assembly.

Please help us to help them... Donate directly via our appeal page link below.