Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Once again, it is the time of year when I am looking for sponsorship for children who attend the Hope Pre and Primary School in Lungi, Sierra Leone. Along  with so many kind donors and sponsors, 2014 was the year in which we completed the building, and began to plan for the next one!

The Hope Pre and Primary School is a private school run by the Hope Assembly Church, therefore it is not government funded. The teachers are paid a small incentive out of church collections, currently approx £12.00 per month. The children who attend have to pay fees, as children do at all schools in Sierra Leone, and this is not government subsidised. In time, we hope to be able to fund further training for the teachers, and provide them with more of an income. (If you could help with this, please contact me or message us through the Hope for Lungi Facebook page.)

Due to extreme poverty in Sierra Leone, many children are unable to attend school at all. Even if they are able to begin school, often their families are unable to continue with the financial outlay because of difficulties within the family such as lack of work (many scrape by on petty trading) or illness and loss of one or both parents.  

Hope for Lungi was founded with the conviction that the Hope Pre and Primary School would flourish not only as a school, but as a church building and a place where children and their whole families  would come for help when they needed it and receive that help, support and love from the Hope Assembly Church. Small steps have been made with the beginning of a clothing bank there.

We would dearly love to be able to continue sponsorship for those children who had it last year, and to add new sponsors for the benefit of more children who need it. When you sponsor one of the children from Hope Pre and Primary School, you will not only be paying their school fees, but also providing for all expenses throughout the year, including their uniform and sports kit, lifting that burden from their families. The total cost of sponsorship for one child for a year is £50. Your £50 will be a real blessing not only to the child, but to their whole family. You will receive a certificate of thanks, updates throughout the academic year, and an end of year school report on both the school and the individual student.

For more information and photographs, visit our Facebook page www.facebook.com/HopeForLungi , and 'like' it for news and updates. THANK YOU!

The first photo above shows some of the children in the temporary building they were in before we provided for the new building shown in the second photo. The third picture shows some of the children who were sponsored last year, taken in May 2014.

Contact email:  emily@hope4lungi.co.uk